The Rush Before The Holiday Rush At State Parks

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LACKAWANNA STATE PARK -- The unofficial start to the summer season is only a few days away but for some, the Memorial Day weekend rush is already underway.

State parks across our area are busy getting ready for the summer crowds to start this weekend.  We got a behind the scenes look today at Lackawanna State Park.

This isn't the summer season you think of at state parks: the work underway to get the park up and running and keep it that way.

One important job is making sure the pumps and filters for the Lackawanna State Park pool are ready. The water is just about set for Saturday.

And inside the concession stand, Peter Accardi and his wife have a lot to do to prepare for the weekend.

"We're frantic here, I guess. We're getting everything in order as best we can."

This couple has been doing this for 17 years so they're used to the rush to get ready for the Memorial Day weekend. And they love when the crowds start showing up.

"We're still here and we'll be here as long as we can. We've been enjoying every year here.  It's busy, but it's very enjoyable."

While the park will be ready for the Memorial Day weekend rush, some people aren't waiting for the holiday. They're enjoying the park before the crowds and the early warm weather.

"It's nice here even in the busy times but I like to come up when there are very few campers and just kind of relax, beautiful weather," said Mike Hoban, Baltimore, Maryland.

Hoban is from Baltimore and camping here. He doesn't have many neighbors in the campground now.  Come this weekend, all these spots will be full, the place packed, and the summer season here.

"Inside the house all winter and now we can just get out and enjoy the outdoors."

"It's very, very nice and the traffic is not as heavy as it will be this weekend."

Denis Laroche from Quebec, Canada likes the pre-holiday quiet too, and early in the season here, he likes avoiding more than just the crowds.

"First of all, it's a very, very quiet campground and one of the very, very nice things is there are no mosquitos," said Laroche. "At this time, it's just gorgeous."

Many state park campgrounds are booked for Memorial day Weekend so check ahead before looking for a campsite.