UPDATE: Thousands Polled About Scranton Food Trucks

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SCRANTON -- The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce is asking all of its members about some of the newest businesses in the Electric City food trucks.

Chamber officials are the latest to chime in on the food truck controversy in Scranton.

Their popularity is pretty apparent on a sunny day.  The food trucks that have caused a lot of controversy among businesses in downtown Scranton are now the subject of a survey sent to all different kinds of businesses not just the ones that sell food.

Maureen Duffy owns a jewelry store on Linden Street, but she said the food trucks affect her business too.

"Bring on the food trucks, bring on twenty more, just don't be inconsiderate of the other businesses. You know, I wouldn't want a jewelry vendor sitting out in front of my store that doesn't pay any taxes," said Duffy, of Duffy's Accessories.

Almost 2,000 businesses that are members of the greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce got an email this week.  It contains an internet survey asking if they're ok with food trucks downtown.

See the poll results below.

"You'll always hear from a vocal minority, this gives a chance for the greater business community to respond, make its views known," said Austin Burke, a member of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

The results of the survey will be made public and eventually end up on the desks of Scranton City Council Members. Council is looking at changing the city's food truck rules.

City officials said truck owners may be asked to pay more to park or they could be forced to stay farther away from restaurants. Joe Petrasko said he's willing to give a little, but feels that so far the loudest voices are getting most of the attention.  He's happy the chamber of commerce sent out the survey.

"Well, you'll get everyone's opinion on it, because there's a lot of restaurant people who have no problem, some that even like us, people who come up to us.  We have restaurant people who leave their restaurants and have lunch at our place!" said Petrasko, of The Picnic Stand.

Some of the food truck owners got to fill out the survey too. Many of them belong to the chamber of commerce.

Survey Results:
(based on 413 responses)

How many times per week do you eat at a food truck?
Never 58.4%
Less than 3 times 35.1%
More than 3 times 6.5%

How many times per week do you eat at a brick and mortar restaurant?
Never 19%
Less than 3 times 64.5%
More than 3 times 16.5%

In your opinion, should food trucks be allowed to operate in downtown Scranton?
Yes 92.5%
No 7.5%

Do you think food trucks take away business from restaurants in downtown Scranton?
Yes 33.1%
No 66.9%