New Businesses Create Jobs

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SHAMOKIN -- Two new doctor's offices now call the city of Shamokin home.

Earlier this month, Doctor Sanjay Sen and work place health moved into the Mill Road Square Complex in Shamokin.

"The majority of my patients are from this town, and I love this town so I wanted to come here and practice," said Dr. Sen.

"I was born and raised in this area.  After spending nearly 10 years at Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg, the opportunity presented itself and it's nice to be able to treat people who I know and grew up with," said Dr. Russell Leshinski.

Officials said it is the first time all of the offices inside the Mill Road Square Building are occupied.  David Kopitsky of the redevelopment authority said it saves the city money.

"The money that we get gives us the opportunity to do other things rather than just pay the bills here," said Kopitsky, a member redevelopment authority.

The two medical facilities created 30 new jobs here in Shamokin. In addition to that, Sundance Vacations is expanding and will hire even more people

"It would be about an additional five full-time and 20 part-time," said Becky Finkel, of Sundance Vacations.

Some of Doctor Sanjay Sen's patients were at the grand opening.  Helen Hollenbach likes the new facility.  She is 102-years old and it is now easier for her to get to the doctor.

"He doesn't have any steps and parking.  He has his own parking lot here," said Hollenbach, of Trevorton.

Both medical offices plan to expand their businesses even more and foresee hiring even more people in Shamokin.