Food Fight Avoided?

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SCRANTON -- Downtown Scranton restaurant owners and owners of food trucks have reached a deal after controversy.

Members of city council are expected to vote on the rules of that agreement next week.

If it passes, food trucks would have to: park 100 feet from a restaurant's entrance or outdoor eating area, pay an annual license fee of between $150 and $250 dollars, and have food trucks follow health standards and parking rules.

"There's a happy medium there, which is good you know? And everything worked out," said Richard Taylor of Scranton who was pleased about the agreement.

"I always love to come down here and eat with my friends after school," said Karen Torres of of food trucks.

Food truck operator Marco Torres was pleased happy with the settlement too.

The agreement would allow operators like him to keep their trucks open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they like.

"We're all a big family here we have no problem against anybody. We're glad to help the people in whatever they want and to enjoy the food and taste," he said.

Some restaurant owners downtown are not happy about food trucks being in the city. They said that those trucks could eventually take away their business.

At Pizza By Pappa's, the owner said he is fine with the food trucks.

"I look forward to competition, I look forward to people being able to make a living," said Tom Sheakoski.