Accused In Barber Shop Brawl Headed To Trial

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A barber in the Poconos will likely face trial for the death of his coworker.

Police say they got into an argument last week that turned physical. The coworker ended up dying after the fight.

Police say Shawn Develvet started arguing with his coworker and that arguing turned into a fight inside the barber shop where the two worked.

Develvet's attorney says it's a fight that got out of hand but the victim's family says Develevet has no remorse.

The sister of the victim shouted at Develvet on Wednesday. She wants the accused killer to know how she feels about the loss of her brother Quentin Thomas.

"Are you satisfied, are you satisfied? I hope you rot!"

Prosecutors say on May 9, accused killed Shawn Develvet and his coworker Quentin Thomas of Tobyhanna Started to argue inside Stylez Barber Shop off Route 196 near Tobyhanna. The argument turned into a fight. The two got tired, stopped fighting, and both walked away. But Thomas started having trouble breathing and minutes after the ambulance, arrived he died.

As Develvet was escorted by police Wednesday, he said nothing, looking past reporters to the friends and family of the victim who were surrounding the entrance to the district court.

In court, the victim's girlfriend testified she was at the barber shop that day and that it was Develevet who got physical first. The woman then blurted out, "It was a nightmare, it's the reason I can't sleep."

At one point during her testimony, Develvet shook his head and was overheard whispering to his attorney, "that's not true."

Then as a police detective testified, Develvet became emotional and his attorney wiped away his tears.

"Some sort of banter precipitated into a fight. This was a mutual combat fight," said Develvet's lawyer Jennifer Bathon.

The sister of the victim doesn't believe Develvet's tears are true.

"He has no remorse about nothing. He did create pain in everybody's lives right now."

Shawn Develevet is scheduled to be tried on criminal homicide charges.

He's locked up in the Monroe County Prison.