Man Charged In Hit-and-Run Death Of His Brother

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UPDATE: 4:30 P.M.

STROUDSBURG -- A man turned himself in Tuesday, two years after a deadly hit and run in the Poconos. Police believe that driver is the brother of the man killed two years ago in Stroudsburg.

The suspect was in court Tuesday on charges he ran over his brother while driving drunk.

Kyle Risko of New Jersey turned himself in at the magistrate's office in Stroudsburg.

Police say the man and his brother were out at the bars earlier in the evening, celebrating St. Patrick's Day in 2011. When it came time to go home, the suspect's brother tried stopping him from driving and ended up getting killed.

Police say Kyle Risko first told them he didn't know what happened to his brother. He was found lying in the middle of North Eight Street in Stroudsburg in March, 2011.

Police got surveillance video of the area and investigators say that video showed them that Kyle Risko not only knew what happened, he also caused his brother's death.william risko mug

"Usually in a case like this, there's a family demanding justice, wanting to get something done, wanting to punish somebody. In this case, the family is definitely not asking for this to be done. The district attorney is doing this against the family's wishes," said defense attorney Michael Ventrella.

Kyle Risko originally told them he found his brother William, 29, lying in the middle of the street and that William was hit by someone else's vehicle.

But days later, police looked at some surveillance video taken from a camera at Pure Day Spa a half block away. Investigators say they noticed there was more to the story than what Kyle was telling.

When police reviewed the surveillance video, they saw the person they believe is Kyle driving down an alley way with his brother William hanging on the side of the car. William then fell off and landed in the middle of the road on North Eighth Street in Stroudsburg. The video then shows Kyle driving up North Eighth Street, stopping and backing up and that's when, police say, he ran over his brother's head.

Police say the video then shows Kyle pulling forward getting out of his vehicle to check on his brother, calling 911 and staying with his brother until police arrived.

Police say Kyle Risko later admitted he was the person behind the wheel but insisted he didn't know his brother was hanging on the car.

"He drove out of the church alley onto North Eighth Street and saw something glittering behind him and for some reason he did a three point turn, turned back and saw that his brother was bleeding on the ground. There's inconsistencies between what he told us and what we saw on the video," said Capt. Brian Kimmins, Stroud Area Regional Police.

Police would not elaborate on why the investigation took two years and would only say there was an incredible amount of investigation involved.

We also contacted the district attorney's office about the case and are waiting to hear back about why it took two years to make an arrest.

Kyle Risko is out on bail.