Deady Hit and Run on Mother’s Day

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- The Luzerne County coroner now says that a 65-year-old woman whose body was found lying in the road in Jenkins Township was killed in a hit and run yesterday.

Neighbors said Westminster Road in Jenkins Township is a relatively quiet neighborhood, but traffic has increased here over the years. Mostly they say they feel bad for Jean Darsky's son for having lost his mom on Mother's Day.

Investigators in unmarked cars continue to search Westminster Road in Jenkins Township, searching for any clues to track down the car involved in this Mother's Day hit-and-run that left 65-year-old Jean Darsky dead. It's a hit and run that neighbors find suspicious.

"It`s funny that it happened during the day. I could see more if it happened at night. During the day, it`s odd," said neighbor Joseph Semyon.

Neighbors said they didn't see the car hit Darsky, but found her body in the road and then called police.

Neighbors and family members said Darsky lived here with her son. They said she had just gotten home from church and was crossing the street to pick up her mail. This is where they said she was hit. As you can see, her mailbox is no longer here. It`s on the ground.

"It`s sad. Nobody cares. Nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore," said neighbor Ron Giza, Jr.

Ron Giza lives down the street from Darsky. He said Darsky a widow and feels badly for her son.

"Oh my god. It`s just so sad. It`s a travesty. It could have easily been my mother, anybody, anybody`s mother, on mother`s day besides," said Giza.

The coroner's office ruled her death a homicide, deciding she was hit by a car. A relative said investigators told her they're looking for a white car. Neighbors are just hoping for a change.

"When I first moved here, we`d get two cars a week. Now you get two cars a minute. It`s really bad," said Semyon.

There are no cameras here on Westminster Road to have gotten video of the hit-and-run. Investigators are still looking for the car that may have been involved. Anyone with information is asked to call Jenkins Township police or 911.