Three Houses in Vandling Damaged by Crashes

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VANDLING -- The truck traveling down Main Street Saturday afternoon first hit a van with a local man inside, sending it 100 yards down the street, through a tree, and into a house. Then it slammed into 541 Main Street with so much force, it went through the living room wall.

Neighbor Lamont Foreman said, "It sounded like a concussion grenade. It shook my house."

Neighbors say the woman who lived in the smashed section of the home usually sits in the living room, but on Saturday she was visiting family in New Jersey.

Just 14 hours later, on Sunday morning, another home just down Main Street was hit by a car that Forest City Police believe was going too fast.

Mike Drop was not surprised. He lived in the same house 30 years ago. He says a speeding vehicle hit his car, too. "I was parked, one time, right on the curb here and they came around and smashed it right through, because they come around here so fast and the curves are sharp."

Vandling's Main Street is part of Route 171, so there is usually a steady stream of traffic. The community is located in Lackawanna County, bordering the Susquehanna County line.

Stanley Mark is a member of the borough's Fire Police. He says, "There's a lot of young kids that's on the radio, on the phone, and they don't give a damn, they just keep speeding."

With three homes damaged in less than 24 hour,s he says that something needs to change before more properties are damaged and people are hurt.