Man Sentenced To Life For Mahanoy City Murder

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MAHANOY CITY -- Jarvin Huggins, 19, is now serving a life sentence behind bars.

Huggins was convicted in March at the Schuylkill County Courthouse for the murder of Gene Slavinksy, 48, in Mahanoy City.

In Mahanoy City, Slavinsky’s neighbors said justice was served.

“He went to prison for life. I think that prison for life no parole is worse than the death penalty, put him in a room,” said Manny Fernandez.

“What else are they going to do, you can’t do anything else, we just take what we get,”  said Pat Krudinsky.

The murder happened in April of 2012 inside Slavinsky’s home.

Huggins had once lived across the street, but at the time of killing he had moved across town.

After his arrest, Huggins confessed to the crime. He said he broke into Slavinsky’s basement, cut off the power to lure him down there and that’s where he beat him to death.

Neighbors said Huggins’ punishment fits the brutality of the crime.

“He waited in his basement for him. He basically lured him in his basement so I think he deserved it, that’s what I think,” said Francis Green.

During his trial, prosecutors said the motive was robbery, but Huggins only made off with a computer and a jar of coins.

He also stole Slavinsky’s car as a getaway vehicle, and it was the car that led police to Huggins.

Police made an arrest immediately after the murder.

“The police were very efficient, you know, in the way they handled it, it was fast,” said Fernandez.

Still people said it was a shocking crime and has changed the way they feel about their hometown.

“I let my kid here go around the block and everything, but now I’m constantly checking on her,” said Green.

Huggins was also found guilty of robbery, burglary and several other charges in connection to the murder.