Teen Testifies Against Mother; Describes Shooting

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WILKES-BARRE — A teenager took the stand Tuesday in Luzerne County explaining in detail how he says he accidentally shot and killed his friend Tyler Winstead last year.

Elijah Yussuf’s testimony is part of the trial against his own mother, Angelina Deabreu.

Deabreu’s teenage son Elijah took the stand for several hours, explaining in detail just how he says he accidentally shot and killed his good friend Tyler Winstead last year.

Deabreu walked into the Luzerne County courthouse with her young baby in tow, as the trial to determine whether or not she covered up the shooting death of Tyler Winstead begins.

Deabreau’s older son Elijah who spent hours testifying against her, explaining how he was responsible for killing Winstead in April of 2012 while showing off a gun.

Yussuf said on the stand, “I didn’t know it was loaded and I wasn’t paying attention. I pointed the gun at Tyler’s chest and pulled the trigger twice. The first time it didn’t go off, the second time it did.”

Cell phone video of Yussuf playing with the gun prior to the shooting was shown to jurors.  The teen spoke softly on the stand and said that when he shot Winstead.

“I panicked. I checked the gun to see if it was real because it seemed like a dream.”

Yussuf went on to tell jurors that he dragged his friends body outside and told 911 dispatchers that his friend was shot in a drive-by shooting. 

Photos of white carpet stains from inside the home on Hill Street in Wilkes-Barre were also shown, an apparent cover up of blood stains.  Yussuf said on the stand he thought his mom may have removed the gun from the home before back tracking.

The teen claims he lied to officers, 911 dispatchers, and his mother because, “I was scared I would be put in jail for the rest of my life.”

Deabreu sat in court and watched as her son explained in detail about the death along with family members of Tyler Winstead’s family.

Deabreu’s baby was also brought into the courtroom today for a short time but most of the time, family members are taking care of the child in a side room at the courthouse.

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