Taste Test: Rita’s Starbust Strawberry Ice

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We are well into spring and have had our share of some very nice and warm days. Nice enough to make you want to stop for some ice cream or maybe some cool Italian ice.

For this week's Taste Test we decided to cool off with some Rita's Italian Ice.

We headed to the Rita's in Dunmore to try out the new flavor featured for May, Starbust Strawberry Ice.

With temps in the 70s and plenty of sun when we visited, people were lining up for some tasty treats. We decided to hand some Marywood students a sample of the new Italian ice flavor to see how it tastes.

"Well, pink is my favorite Starburst, and I think it tastes exactly like the pink but it's not too tangy. Like, it's sweet and refreshing and I was also coming for chocolate but now I'm kind of in a fruity flavor because this is really good," said student Julianne Innamorato.

"I think it's very good, I really love Starburst. Starburst is, like, my favorite candy and pink is my favorite Starburst, so I think that I will definitely get this," said student Megan Gallik.

Jamie Gries, didn't need to grab just a sample of the new flavor. He bought a whole cup!

"I came here before and I tried the Swedish fish and I tried the Sour Patch Kids and I just figured I'd try the Starburst and I really like it," said Jamie Gries from Scranton.

Since people seemed to like the flavor knowing it was Strawberry Starburst. We decided to give a sample to a group, without telling them what it was and we got some pretty interesting answers.

"Bubble gum."

"Yeah, bubble gum."

"Cotton candy."

"I'm going to go with a strawberry bubble gum."

No one guessed the flavor on the first try, but once we told them what candy it was supposed to resemble, everyone picked up on the Strawberry Starburst ice flavor, and all agreed it was pretty good.

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