UPDATE: Danville Students to Face Alcohol-Related Charges

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UPDATE: State police cited 27 people for underage drinking in connection with this incident.

DANVILLE -- Police are expected to file charges against as many as two dozen Danville area students suspected of attending an after-prom party over the weekend.  After charges are filed, the school district itself may also take action against the girls and boys.

A banner hangs in the hallway at Danville High School referring to an assembly recently held at the school, where a speaker tried to discourage students from drugs and alcohol.

"I think the message was, I felt at the time, very well received by our student body," Principal Lee Gump said.

Apparently not all of the students listened to that message.  School officials say a teenaged girl was taken to a hospital Sunday, after allegedly overdosing on alcohol at an after-prom party at a house near Riverside.

"We're disappointed.  We have good kids here at Danville High School.  Unfortunately poor decisions were made," Gump said.

State police say they plan to file charges against about 25 high school students and two adults in connection with the underage drinking party.

Officials in the Danville Area School District say if or when the students are charged, they will also face disciplinary action within the school district.

"If students are charged with alcohol use it may involve extracurriculars, athletics, those types of things," Superintendent Cheryl Latorre said.

In other words, students would be suspended from sports and clubs.  Some people in Danville blame the student's parents.

"There are lots of parents out there who actually condone the drinking.  They say as long as it's in my house, but I think that's giving teenagers the wrong message," Tia Marie said.

"What are you going to do?  You can't say too much, the kids are going to do what they're going to do, but parents shouldn't help them out," Margie Brouse said.

Danville High School does not sponsor an after-prom party.