It’s a Wrap!

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SCRANTON -- The television series "The Office" is coming to an end, and the city of Scranton had a fond farewell.

The party started with a bloggers breakfast, followed by a question and answer session with the writers. Then, a parade was held featuring cast members, and there was a farewell event to say goodbye to the show.

It was a hero's welcome for cast members from the office as they cruised along Linden street in downtown Scranton.

"You all have outdone yourselves, well done Scranton," said Craig Robinson who plays "Daryl."

The parade and other wrap party events drew passionate fans from across Pennsylvania and the rest of the country who couldn't wait to snatch up souvenirs.

Scranton native Paula Hazzouri came all the way from San Francisco to celebrate

"Scranton people can be maybe mocked a little bit, and they are proud, Scrantonians are proud," said Hazzouri.

Bathed in spring sunlight, fans saw the Electric City at full power.

Angela Nash, of Racine, Wisconsin said, "I love it, I do, and we were talking to some local people and they kind of thought I was crazy. I guess. I mean they love it, but I guess it's weird for them to have people come in and be so excited"

While out-of-towners like Angela came here out of love for the show; some found themselves falling for the place where it's set

The parade started at the University of Scranton where, earlier in the day, producers, writers, and designers participated in a panel, taking thousands of fans behind the scenes.

"Just to see the writers and producers up on the stage enjoying themselves as much as we are enjoying ourselves here," said Steve Englot of Kingston.

The creators said leaving their TV family of nine years is a loss which is a sentiment shared by their loyal audience

"I talked to the producer this morning, and I just thanked him for doing this for us, and taking such care with the show, and making it so special," said Diane Mentze of Germantown, Maryland.