Police Searching for Hospital Impostor

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LOCK HAVEN -- A person walked into Lock Haven Hospital over the weekend and claimed to be a representative for a medical supply company.

Problem is, he is not with the company, and at this point authorities have no idea what his motive is.

Early Saturday morning, police said someone was at Lock Haven Hospital posing as someone he is not.

The man was dressed in scrubs and asked to look at inventory, according to investigators who said a hospital employee showed him around but that he didn't take anything.

"He would blend in with the surroundings," said Lock Haven City Police Chief Skip Hocker. The description of the man in the photo matches another similar case at Mount Nittany Medical Center near State College.

Police there said the man with a mustache and glasses tried to take surgical equipment. He wasn't successful, but again, he was caught on camera.

"They are concerned about the public's safety. The people who are in the hospital their staff as well as folks there for medical problems," said Chief Hocker.

Lock Haven Hospital released a statement: "The individual in question was escorted by a hospital representative at all times and was never in an active patient area. We are cooperating with the police in their investigation."

Williamsport Regional Medical Center, like many other hospitals in the region, was put on alert for the man earlier this week.

Officials said employees are trained to prevent anyone who's not who they say they are from getting access to the hospital.

"In light of this recent incident they've receive a series of reminders. We're confident we're keeping our staff and patients safe," said Tracie Witter of Susquehanna Health.

Police in Lock Haven ask anyone who might be able to identify the man in the surveillance photos to call them.

Again, investigators are not sure what motivated him to go to great lengths to get inside the hospitals.