Man Admits to Role In Friend’s Death

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SUNBURY -- A man from Northumberland County admitted in court that he's responsible for his friend's death.  Some members of the victim's family say that's not enough.

David Dorsett, 19, died last June. He was a passenger in a car crash near Treverton last June.

Kyle Koontz, 19, was behind the wheel.  He now admits his role in his friend's death.

Koontz pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving. Koontz had nothing to say as he left the Northumberland County courthouse in Sunbury.

Ruth Fasold, the victim's aunt said Koontz has no remorse.

"You could have apologized when it happened. You didn't have to let my brother and sister-in-law suffer and all of us suffer. I hope you get the max."

But it's unlikely Koontz will get the maximum sentence of almost six years in prison. That's because prosecutors dropped seven out of 10 charges and will recommend Koontz spend three months behind bars and then three months of house arrest.

District Attorney Tony Rosini said the plea deal is the way to go.

"While I believe we could prove the charges that he pleaded to and that's what I believe a jury could come back with, and a jury could come back on all of them. So you risk going to trial and not have any punishment for his acts."

Norman Dorsett, the victim's father, said he disagrees.

"Well after seeing what they want to see, what they want to plea bargain with, I think my kid is worth more than three months in jail. Well if he does get three months, will my son be home in three months? No."

Most of Norman Dorsett's family is against the plea deal. They wanted a jury to decide the case against Koontz. The family says they're living in an emotional pressure cooker because of David Dorsett's death.

The victim's sister, Jasmine Palovick said the turmoil is real.

"I don't sleep. It's hard to preform job duties and go to school and knowing I am never going to have a normal life."

Kyle Koontz and the Dorsett family will be back at the Northumberland County Courthouse at the end of July for sentencing.