Ain’t No Party Like A Scranton Party

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SCRANTON -- It was a hot night in Scranton Friday evening as fans geared up to give the popular show “The Office” a northeastern PA goodbye.

Already several members of the cast and crew are in town for “The Office” Wrap Party celebration going on all day Saturday, May 4.

For nine seasons, Phyllis Lapin Vance and Meredith Palmer worked in Scranton on the hit show “The Office.”

Now the actors who play them, Phyllis Smith and Kate Flannery, along with co-star Ellie Kemper who plays “Erin”, were in the flesh at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in town for The Office wrap party as the show comes to an end.

“This is the best, everybody in Scranton is just so terrific,” said Smith.

“We are here to have a good graduation, a good goodbye,” said Flannery.

“I love it, I haven`t seen enough of it so far. I`ve only come to the hotel, so I need to go see everything that`s here, even just driving up, it was just like the opening credits, it was really cool,” said Kemper.

Fans waiting outside the hotel couldn`t believe their luck.

“It was awesome, it was cool, had a good time, they were very nice, it`s a good time,” said Marla Coury of Scranton. “They said they were only here an hour and they love it.”

Saturday`s wrap party will have events throughout the day and fans from all over who are already ready to have fun.

Cooper`s, a restaurant mentioned several times on The Office was a must see for many.

“It`s awesome, it`s really cool, to see it come to life here, it`s really cool,” said Tyler Swartzenburg of Canada.

“We`re super excited,” said Elizabeth Weitz of Allentown. “I`m a huge fan so this is really great to actually, we going to go to Cooper’s tonight then we`re going to go to Poor Richards, we`re going to be complete dorks is what`s going to happen, we even made shirts.”

The cast and crew are staying at the Radisson, and employees at the hotel said they are booked solid.

It`s a busy night across the board for Scranton with this party falling during the First Friday festivities.

“To combine it with First Friday, everyone walking the streets of downtown Scranton,” said Michael Kearney, the general manager of the Radisson. “If there`s anything to do tonight it`s just come down and walk around it`s fantastic.”

“It’s Scrantastic!” said Flannery.