Stroudsburg Borough VP Pleads Guilty to Drug Charge

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STROUDSBURG -- The vice president of Stroudsburg borough council admits having drugs when he was arrested last month. He pleaded guilty in Monroe County this morning.

But when asked, Neil Allen refused to say whether he is resigning from office. Allen immediately got into his attorney's car, avoiding reporter questions.

It was in March at Kay's Tavern, a bar in downtown Stroudsburg, when police say Allen was seen with a suspected drug dealer. The officer said he watched a drug deal go on between the two. And that police officer claims Allen put ten bags of heroin in his back pocket.

Allen, who pleaded guilty during his preliminary hearing before a district judge, has been part of Stroudsburg borough council for eleven years.

According to court papers, Allen told police he was using heroin for back pain.

The big question among people in town is what Allen's fate on borough council is.

"He probably should resign on his own accord because just for the health of the community. But I hope he goes and seeks help so he can get himself straightened out," said Paula Muehohan of Stroudsburg.

"It's almost inconceivable to me that an educated person could be attracted to something like that. So I'm certainly hoping he'll be resigning," said Bill Bravo of Sciota.

But the president of borough council says there's nothing the borough can do and it's all up to Allen.

"There are no provisions in the Pennsylvania borough code for removal of a council member for a misdemeanor charge," said Kim Diddio, the President of Stroudburg borough council.

Diddio says Allen was a very good council member, but made a bad decision.

"He came to almost all our meetings. He participated. He had some good ideas. He was a very well thought-out, very balanced council member," said Diddio.

The council president says Allen hasn't been at a meeting since his arrest last month, but they hope to hear from him soon.

Allen must now pay a fine and court costs, totaling over $3,000.

The next Stroudsburg council meeting is Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Stroudsburg Borough Hall, in Stroudsburg.