Deadly Hit and Run Case Headed to Trial

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WILKES-BARRE -- A magistrate ruled there is enough evidence against a hit-and-run suspect to send the case to trial. Before the ruling, there was at times, some emotional testimony.

Thomas Letteer showed little emotion as he left a magistrate's office in Wilkes-Barre, but inside the courtroom was another story.

The young man from Plains Township is charged with accidents involving death or personal injury for a hit-and-run in December that killed 5-year-old Kevin Miller on North Street in Wilkes-Barre.

In court, Kevin Miller's father, Stephen, testified that he held his son's hand as they crossed the street after a Christmas party. He said he felt Kevin's hand slip away and then heard a thud. When he found Kevin on the ground, Stephen Miller said he ran over to him and tried to talk to him. He told him "Everything's going to be OK. Daddy's here."

In court, prosecutors relied on detectives and an FBI Special Agent, who testified about their belief that Thomas Letteer was the man driving the red Pontiac Grand Am that hit the boy.kevin miller

The FBI agent testified that cell phone records place Letteer in Wilkes-Barre, making several calls to his girlfriend around the time of the hit-and-run. Prosecutors say they also have physical evidence against Letteer.

"There was evidence that in fact the height of the victim matches up with the dents that were found on the hood of the vehicle. And that is transfer evidence from the victim to the subject's vehicle, to the defendant's vehicle," said Assistant District Attorney Alexis Falvello.

But Letteer's attorney said without a description of the driver or DNA found on the car, there's not enough evidence to prove Letteer did it.

"My argument was that they haven't yet connected Mr. Letteer to the accident. I'm guessing there should have been some physical evidence or some trace evidence on the car, but we'll see. We're a long way from trial," said Letteer's attorney Bill Ruzzo.