Meth Lab Busted In Carbon County

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LANSFORD --  A woman is locked up in Carbon County, Charged with running a drug lab inside her home.

Police say she was busted after a man who lives with her got sick and found drug-making equipment in the basement.

Misty Hyneman, 30, of Lansford is under arrest. Police said she was running a meth lab in the basement of a home on West Patterson Street.

Court papers state that a man she was living with called police after getting ill from the fumes and finding meth-making equipment.

Hyneman admitted to investigators she was running the lab.

Neighbor Maria Ruslavage lives nearby.

"I am shocked about it. I mean, it is everywhere but being right here in Lansford, it's like, 'Oh, my God!'" Ruslavage said.

Neighbors know that meth labs can lead to fire and explosions.

Elizabeth Sororaput said there is a school bus stop near the meth lab found in her neighborhood.

"I walked down every morning to bring her to get on the bus and I come back down here to pick her up."

Dana Dillee haschildren and said she has the same fear.

"There could be explosion, fire who knows where she would be going to and from school and any other kids being hurt ."

Neighbor Joaine Morgan said the law should be changed when it comes to illegal drugs to send a message.

"Dealers and people who make drugs, they should be sentenced to the death sentence because they are destroying America, they are destroying the neighborhood, they're destroying children and lives."

Police say the investigation continues and more arrests are expected.