Investigation Into Deadly Lycoming Creek Wreck

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- There is new information about who was in that car found underwater last night near Williamsport and investigators believe the car was submerged longer than first thought.

State police say they think Aaron Moore, 22, of Williamsport crashed the car he was driving into Lycoming Creek sometime Friday night.

The car, along with Moore's body, was not discovered until Tuesday night and now investigators are trying to piece together how the crash went unnoticed for about four days.

State police were back on the scene one day after a car was found in Lycoming Creek near Williamsport.

Troopers were reconstructing the crash scene more than four days after they believe the car Moore was driving swerved off Lycoming Creek Road.aaron moore lyc body mug

It ended up upside down in the creek, unnoticed for several days until Tuesday night. Dive teams spent a couple hours helping recover Moore's body and the submerged PT Cruiser.

"It's pretty bizarre this would happen and nobody would know anything about it, especially if he was there any length of time," said Arthur Meixel.

People who live near the creek say they didn't hear anything or see anything that would have led them to find the car, and ultimately, Moore. The coroner says Moore drowned.

According to state police, the car Moore was driving was reported stolen Saturday but that it belonged to someone Moore knew. And so that indicates the disappearance of both Moore and the car were a mystery until now.

"I walk a lot and didn't see it," Meixel added.

Perhaps the strangest part of all this is that some people did see the PT Cruiser in Lycoming Creek in the days after the crash but they mistook the car for something else.

"Saw a guy coming down with a kayak looking down at it, trying to touch with a paddle, paddled back up the creek and that was it," said Jim Gulick.

Investigators say Moore did not have a license, and indicate the vehicle, although reported stolen, may have been considered stolen when it was not returned to the owner who Moore borrowed it from.