UPDATE: Car Found in Creek with Man’s Body Inside

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UPDATE 6/6/13: According to the Lycoming County Coroner, Adam Moore drowned to death due to drug use.  The coroner said at the time of the crash Moore was drunk driving three times over the legal limit.  He had also been smoking marijuana.

The coroner said both were contributing factors to Moore's drowning.

LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A man's body was discovered in a car submerged in a creek in Lycoming County Tuesday evening.

It happened in Lycoming Creek just outside of Williamsport.

Dive teams were called to the creek where they got to work pulling the car and the body out of the water.

Troopers identified the victim as Aaron Moore, 22, from Williamsport.

They said the car was reported stolen on April 20.

Investigators said the car may have been in Lycoming Creek for as many as three days until Tuesday when a couple walking by noticed the car upside down under water which led emergency crews to find a man's body inside that vehicle.

"We found a vehicle upside down in the creek, submerged. It took us a bit to gain access to find out if anyone was indeed in it," said Hepburn Township Fire Chief Jeff Tempesco.

State police said it was not long until a man's body was found inside the car. Investigators said it appears the crash happened as many as three days ago when the vehicle left the road and plummeted into the creek.

Traffic Lycoming Creek Road in the vicinity of Old Lycoming Township was blocked off and lots of people came to see what they could.

"I got to see a couple of the divers down there and going down in and searching, but they won't let us close enough to see the car," said Robert Saiers of Williamsport.

It would take a large tow truck to pull the car out of Lycoming Creek and begin the process of confirming the driver's identity.

But this is not the first time anyone noticed the car just below the water's surface.

"Looked out, thought it was a motorcycle trailer. I saw a chrome wheel on this side and it looked like wood on a trailer, i assumed that's what it was," said neighbor Jim Gulick.

That was three days ago ad since then. Gulick said he even noticed someone in a kayak who touched the car with his paddle but apparently never notified authorities.

"It's tragic, feel sorry for whoever it was."