Security Increased at Local 5k Post-Boston

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HARVEYS LAKE -- Runners hit the streets in a few of our communities in three mile road races today.

And the events of Boston did not discourage the turnout.

Newswatch 16 was at one race in Luzerne County that saw the field double from last year.

Almost 600 runners hit the streets of Harveys Lake with Boston on their minds.

The 5 kilometer race is only one eighth the length of a marathon.

But when it comes to supporting the runners, and the victims of the marathon tragedy. People in this race went the distance.

Event organizer Rich Pais said: "I think a lot of them are making a statement in support of Boston and all the activities that went on there and all the guys who ran and everyone whose inspired and just making a statement."

For most runners, this is the first organized race since Monday`s tragedy.

Sean Robbins of Shavertown ran in the Boston marathon.

"To be able to come out here today and be with a bunch of runners and do this, you know it`s back to that shared experience and it`s pretty positive," said Robbins. "I`m sure just about everyone here has Boston on their mind."

Local enforcement officers and race organizers did.

Its hard to think of Harvey`s Lake as a terror target.

But after Boston, race officials asked for, and received extra security.

"There was a huge round of applause for all the police, the first responders and ems and sheriff`s departments that are here today," said Pais.  "I think everybody is really happy that they`re here and i think it just feels like one big community on a day like today."