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Garden of Giving Gets Help to Grow

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP — A garden that grows food for families in need in Monroe County will now be able to grow more fresh produce for local food pantries.

It’s all thanks to a piece of farming equipment.

In a few weeks, a plot of land near Saylorsburg will be dug up to expand the “Garden of Giving”.

The “Garden of Giving” will be celebrating its fifth growing season.

Tammy Graeber is the founder of the garden and couldn’t be more excited. Mainly because her group just received a new piece of some much-needed equipment.

That equipment, is a tractor, thanks to a grant and donations.

“This is a very big deal for the Garden of Giving,” said Graeber, “The tractor will be used to expand our gardening area.  It’s going to be used to cultivate the soil and get more production out. We’ll also be using it to turn our compost piles,”.

“It will basically rototill the land, make it so it’s soft so you can plant your vegetables,” said Russell Snyder, who works at the family owned Charles Snyder farming equipment store in Tamaqua.  That’s where the tractor came from.

Snyder was glad to show how the tractor works and understands the importance of helping agencies that give back.

“We try the best we can to help people,” said Snyder.

“This is a community project, altogether,” said Graeber.

The “Garden of Giving” feeds hundreds of families throughout Monroe County and gives those families fresh produce, all of which is grown from the “Garden of Giving” near Saylorsburg.