UPDATE: Police Search Cars Involved in Shootout

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SCRANTON -- Scranton Police aren't calling it gang activity, but they're not ruling that out either as a reason why two groups of men fired more than 20 shots at each other outside the Hilltop Manor housing complex in south Scranton.

Roberta Kundla says she's never seen such violence in her neighborhood. But, her home was caught in the crossfire.

"I thought maybe my cat knocked something over and when I looked I saw the hole through the window," Kundla said.

Kundla says she missed the shootout going on right in front of her home on South Webster Avenue because she was in the kitchen. That's where the bullet ended up.

She gave detectives the bullet and told them what she saw and heard. She's relieved it was only her window that was hit.

"I have a grandson that has cerebral palsy and he's in a wheelchair. When he's here he sits just about where that went through watching television. So, thank goodness I was alone," she added.

Police say several neighbors were outside when the two groups of men started shooting at each other, firing off shots from three semi-automatic hand guns.

And since then, detectives have found and searched the three cars they think were involved. One riddled with bullet holes was found at a gas station in Moosic.

It was empty and the back seat covered in blood leading Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano to believe someone had been shot. But, so far no one's checked themselves into a hospital nearby.

"We have several shooters here, they're opening fire in the city. And they are continuing to retaliate against each other, is what it appears at this point. So, it's not only dangerous for the public but dangerous for the officers who are out maybe inadvertently stopping these vehicles," Chief Graziano said.

Graziano believes the shootout may have been retaliation for a similar incident early Sunday morning where shots were fired at a car.