Investigation of Scranton Gunfire

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SCRANTON -- Police are still looking for whoever fired more than 20 shots in Scranton Monday night.

It happened at a housing complex in Scranton's south side.

Police believe the shots came from at least three different weapons, and we spoke with a man who says he was nearly killed when the bullets started to fly.

It all started around 7:30 p.m. Monday, on the Herbert Street side of Hilltop Manor in Scranton. Witnesses say men began firing.  Cars were hit, bullet casings littered the street.

The shots rang out in front of Nate Seay's home.   Seay said his neighborhood resembled the O.K. Corral and one of the bullets could have killed him.

"The bullet went over my head, right through here. It could have blown my brain out."

Seay also said he was talking with one of the men involved in the shootout and there was no indication something bad was about to happen.  When the bullets did start to fly, Seay got his wife and teenaged son inside fast.

"Shaking, scared, worrying.  I thought I was going to have to take my medicine to calm me down.  I was scared.

Hilltop Manor wasn't the only place police searched for clues. A car was found parked at a Moosic gas station after the Hilltop shots were fired.  The car was full of bullet holes, and there was blood in the back seat.

Back at Hilltop, orange paint marks the spots where police found bullet casings, markings where cars were hit, and broken auto glass in a parking spot.

Seay is like the rest of his neighborhood, looking for answers.

"This neighborhood is quiet, and we always watch out for the kids here, and the next thing I know, a guy starts shooting," he said.

Beside the unforgettable memory, Seay takes something else with him: the casing from the bullet that whizzed by his head.  Seay says he will get it turned into a pendant, to wear as a good luck charm.

There is no word from police on injuries and no word if the car is connected to the shooting.