Tax Office Open after Damaging Crash

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SHAMOKIN -- A tax business in Northumberland County was open Friday despite damage from a car that hit it early that morning.

The vehicle plowed right through the front door of H&R Block in Shamokin, and it's three days before tax day.

If it was a week from now, the crash in Shamokin may have amounted to just another crash.

With the April 15 tax deadline looming, the H&R Block office in Shamokin is one busy place.

Inside, employees were helping clients with their returns.

While on the outside, contractors were working to keep the tax business open after an overnight crash that did lots of damage.

"The crash when he hit the one way sign was loud. Then when he hit the building it was unbelievably loud," said Matthew Roehs who was bartending across Market Street when the driver slammed into the office. Fire officials said it appears the brakes went out and the driver escaped without serious injuries.

"We have a full roster of clients for the day who expect here and get their work done. We had to be open for business, no such thing as closing before the end of tax season," said Lamont Masser, owner of the H&R Block building.

Shorty after the wreck, Masser put contractors to work, fixing up the front of the office so that clients and their taxes didn't miss a thing.

"I said our district manager wanted to finish tax season with a bang, just not like this," added Masser.

Emily Dill showed up for an appointment only to find the office in a damaged state and left having her taxes ready on time.

"They were all business, took me in, did the taxes, got them done," she said.

Shamokin police are still investigating the crash that damaged the tax office overnight.