Bike for Benefit Stolen

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BERWICK -- Along a quiet residential street, police say a thief took not only some cash and prescriptions from this home, but a bike that was going to help raise money for a good cause.

"We had the bike for the bike run that we have every year and we were going to raffle it off," said Tom Cashman.

Cashman works for the Borough of Berwick and has helped organize the bike run in Columbia County to benefit the Brain Aneurysm Foundation for the past five years. This after losing his son Tom Jr. in 2007 to an aneurysm.

"To lose a son at that age, at 39, to something like that, and it was out there as an awareness for the people," said Cashman.

The Roadmaster mountain bike was taken from Fifth Street in the borough last month, where Cashman's daughter lives.

Neighbors say the burglary upset them.

"First I thought about my house, I was making sure nothing got stolen, and got broken into that I was surprised that it didn`t," said Holly of Berwick.

"Well it scares you, but what can you do?," said Carrie Walls of Berwick.

Cashman says he`s not sure if the fundraiser where the bike was supposed to be raffled off will be held this year, but he says if it is, he`ll replace the bike stolen from this street himself.

"I most certainly will, I will replace that bike myself," said Cashman.

Neighbors say they don't know who's responsible, but are sure about one thing.

"I know it`s all for drugs and it`s ridiculous, I don`t understand how they could do that," said Holly.

Cashman only hopes others learn from his loss.

"Berwick is starting a crime watch, please get involved with it, look out for your neighbors and get involved with it," said Cashman.