Students Lend a Helping Hand to Troopers in Dunmore

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DUNMORE -- Students from the career Technology Center in Scranton are helping to put up a new sign for troopers at the state police barracks in Dunmore. They've been working hard mixing up cement and laying a strong foundation.

Masonry teacher Joe Pinto says this type of work is way better than anything he can create in his classroom.

"It's a great experience. You're on the job, out in the sun working instead of we're stuck up working in the shop. This is way better for them," said Pinto.

The sign, when complete, will replace one that's been up for more than 40 years and in a bad location. Junior Josh Cook says he's excited to get outside and be a part of this project.

"Oh yeah, I get to work hard on it, take pride in it and it's going to be nice when it's done," said Cook.

But junior Connor Dunn says even with their skills, there are some challenges with this masonry project.

"With the sign we're going to have to find the way to intertwine that with everything, because it's like flimsy, it's like a stop sign," said Dunn.

Bricks and other materials were left over from other projects, and were found at State Police Headquarters in Harrisburg.

Troopers say without these free materials and the free help from these Vo-Tech students, this sign might not even have been possible.

"If we couldn't save the cost of the labor by utilizing the Vo-Tech School, the new sign would not be going up," said State Police Lt. Christopher Paris.

Students say they'll be piecing together the masonry work over the next few weeks, putting the final touches on in May, all while helping build their resumes to get a job in the masonry field.

"Oh yeah, they'll see you know, you can put this on one of your references and show what kind of work you can do," said Cook.

All while having a little bit of fun.