Pittsburgh Residents React To Crash That Left Lackawanna County Judge’s Son Dead

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Pittsburgh police continue to investigate the death of the son of a prominent Lackawanna County Judge. Police say Cody Barrasse, 22, was killed after being hit by a car in the Steel City over the weekend.

Police in Pittsburgh say it was here along Bates Street the city`s Oakland neighborhood where a car struck  Barrasse around 2:15 a.m. Saturday.

Barrasse, the son of prominent Lackawanna County Judge Michael Barrasse died at the hospital early Sunday morning.

“I saw someone laying in the street just not moving and a bunch of ambulances and police came up and the kids was just unresponsive,” said Oakland resident Will White.

“I think it`s sad,” said Oakland resident Caroline Cherup. “I`m sorry to hear that it happened on Bates Street so close to my home.”

Investigators say there are conflicting reports from those involved in the incident.

Police say friends with Barrasse that night say the driver hit Cody on purpose then took off.

However police say the driver, who had a passenger in the car, contacted police a short time after the crash.

The driver reportedly told police they were driving on Bates Street when three males surrounded the car and began pounding on the hood and roof.

When one of the men opened the door of the car, the driver took off out of fear.

Police say the driver showed no signs of impairment.

“I hope they do some justice.  I understand the story`s still unclear and I just hope they do justice for either whoever was harassed or whoever has died,” said Oakland resident Julie Walsh.

“I don`t know whose fault it is, I`m hearing multiple sides of the story so it still scary, “said Jake Littman.

Barrasse was a senior at Penn State University and a 2009 graduate of Scranton Prep where he played football.

The school issued this statement saying:

“At Scranton Prep we will remember Cody as a gift, generous and personable young man who will be deeply missed by both his classmates and our faculty."

Pittsburgh police say they are reviewing surveillance video from area businesses.

They are working with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office on whether charges will be filed.