Royer Headed To Trial In School Bus Case

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LANSFORD -- A woman accused of hitting three people, including two children at a school bus stop in Carbon County in February was in court Wednesday to face a slew of charges.

Maxine Royer, 53, told us, she is sorry for what she did, "hitting the children at the bus stop" was an accident, and she never meant to hurt anyone.

But the mother of the two youngest victims says, it's just unacceptable.

"It was just an accident. She ran across the street. She didn't see me, I didn't see her, that's all it was," said Royer.

With those words, Maxine Royer walked into district court with her family in Carbon County.

Police say it was on a Thursday morning in February in Summit Hill when Royer sped through a busy school bus stop intersection, blowing her horn. She then drove around a car that was dropping off a child at school. As she was coming around the corner, police say she hit 8-year-old Jessica Williams and dragged her for almost 30 feet.

Police say Royer then reversed her car, freeing Jessica, and then ran over 7-year-old Jacqueline's foot and hit another man.

Jessica suffered a broken pelvis and had to be on crutches for several weeks.

The girls' mother says Royer could have killed her children, and she calls her actions unacceptable.

"Accidents happen. I'm a very realistic person. We have all made accidents, but I try to teach my kids to take responsibility for it," said Leilani Williams. "I wanted the girls to know that at a bus stop, at such a busy bus stop, there was no way it was their fault."

Williams tells us her daughters' injuries have healed and they are doing much better, only having a little bit of anxiety when crossing the street.

As for the girls, it may be an event they won't forget soon enough.

"She didn't walk anymore, and I was sad because she had to use crutches and she couldn't play with me anymore," said Jacqueline.

"Like playing around, because when I got hurt, it wasn't fun because then I couldn't get to play," said Jessica.

The case is now headed to trial. Royer is due back in Carbon County court next month.

She is facing a slew charges, including three simple assault counts, reckless endangerment, and careless driving.

If convicted, she could face jail time.