Mayor Seeking Money to Fix Billtown’s Streets

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Williamsport's mayor wants to spend a couple million bucks to fix up city streets.

Some of those streets, he said, have not been paved for more than two decades.

Some streets in the city of Williamsport are in worse shape than others. Arch Street was torn up for construction and a fix is expected in the next few weeks.

But for more than a dozen other streets in the city, Mayor Gabe Campana said it's been a while since they have been made new.

"Many of the streets proposed to be paved have not been paved in nearly 30 years," said Campana.

So the mayor wants to spend $2 million to repair streets, more than double what the city spends each year on paving projects.

"That's a lot of money. Roads need it, not sure how much Williamsport has available to be able to do that though," said Ben Hannon of Ralston.

The mayor's plan to overhaul more streets than usual banks on refinancing the city's debt and fees that natural gas companies have to pay.

The owners of Splash Pools and Spas said it would be money well spent.

"Sherman Street is one of the streets on top of list for a repair. It hasn't caused any problems, but excited to hear there may be improvements coming," said Ben O'Connell.

A couple of years ago, the city of Williamsport upgraded half of Reach Road and installed a traffic light at the main intersection. If the mayor has his way, the rest of Reach Road will be widened, and smoothed over.

That's music to the ears of one company whose cargo is rather fragile.

"The road's been in bad shape for a number of years. It really causes obstacles for our drivers to kind of maneuver through, it damages our product at the end of the day," said Frito Lay's Distribution Manager Dave Watkins who added the company would save money if the road was not so riddled with potholes.

"It's a big deal and would be great to have it fixed," said Watkins.

If the mayor's streets plan gets the go ahead from City Council, paving projects could wrap up by this Fall and improvements to Reach Road by next year.