Changes on the Mountain

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Montage Mountain in Lackawanna County is a busy spot. There are homes being built, shopping centers, offices, movie theaters, restaurants and more.

The latest major projects are the revamped baseball stadium, home of the RailRiders and a plan to buy and rename Snö Mountain Ski Resort.

Things were not always so bustling on the mountain.

It really all started in 1980's when Montage Mountain Ski Resort opened.

The grand opening was December 15, 1984.

An investment company plans to bring back that original name when it purchases what it now called Snö Mountain.

Then in 1989, Lackawanna County stadium opened, home of the Red Barons.

"When I was a little boy, I used to pick blueberries up here. Little did I know that someday I would live here. I was originally from Dunmore," said Bob Mecca who now lives in Glenmaura, a housing development which first opened on the mountain in 1990.

Since then, many more homes have been built.

"It's amazing, it's amazing because growing up in this area we've seen it go from nothing but like the woods to what it is now, it really is absolutely beautiful," said Hilda Shevak of Taylor.

Now in addition to more housing developments, there are many other developments, places to go, things to do, and people said they are happy with all the changes.

"I'm spending more and more time up here, we come at night on the weekends to a movie, we come up here at least twice a week to Starbucks just to sit outside and look at the skiers coming down the mountain or look at the airport, look over the valley," said Joe Dutko of Dunmore.

"It's wonderful, I love all the Shoppes at Montage, the restaurants, it's just it's just changed so much. It's just really nice," said Janet Dennis of Glenmaura.

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