Taste Test: Herr’s Pretzel Eggs

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Easter is coming up this weekend and if you're looking for a new candy to fill those baskets, you might be in luck.

It's taste test time and Easter time! For this week to sweeten the holiday up even more, we decided to try Herr's new candy coated Pretzel Eggs at the Viewmont Mall in Lackawanna County.

To get an "expert" opinion on the new candy who better to ask than some kids taking photos with the Easter Bunny.

Apparently they were so good one boy wanted seconds and then thirds, then the whole cup, just a few for the road.

Other kids didn't have words too describe the candy, it was their faces that said it all.

For some kids, the candy was a no. But the Easter Bunny had something to say about the candy.

Easter Bunny says thumbs up all the way for the pretzel eggs.