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Reacting To Threats At Valley View

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---Parents and faculty packed into the library at Valley View High School Monday night.

The district has had several bomb threats in recent weeks.

Just last week, a bomb squad was called in after a threat was discovered on a bathroom wall in the high school.

"Our faculty and and our staff and our administration deserve nothing but your thanks because they put your kids and mine and a lot of the people up here ahead of their own, every time, without question and without fail," school director Curt Camoni told the crowd.

Some showed up to ask school directors more about the district's policies when it comes to evacuations and school safety, but for the most part, they came to thank school leaders.

"I commend the faculty, principals, Mr. Kanavy with the process of removing the children quickly and orderly out of the buildings," said parent John Zahradnik of Archbald.

District officials said they are working with local law enforcement to make decisions each time there are threats.

They said armed police officers are in each school building in the district.

Among the crowd at the meeting were teachers and other staff who said they are always thinking of student safety.

"It's easy to sit at home and criticize and critique, but you have to look at the whole picture and give everyone the credit that we're trying to do keep kids safe in the school, during the evacuation, and on the way to and from school," said Lisa Romanski who drives a bus for the district.

"I assure all parents that your kids are safe every step of the way, if I have to stay until midnight until a child gets home safe, that's what we'll do, that's what the administration is going to do," said Valley View teacher Brian Kearney.

The Valley View school board approved having additional part-time police officers for the elementary and intermediate schools through the end of the year at the meeting, as well, a move lauded by local law enforcement as one of the best things the district can do to kep students safe.