Postal Protest In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- People in our area rallied Sunday to try to save mail delivery on weekends.

About 100 people gathered in courthouse square in downtown Scranton around 1 p.m. Sunday to protest the United Postal Service decision to stop mail deliveries on Saturdays.

Members of the National Association of Letter Carriers, along with members from other unions joined the rally.

Earlier this year, the postal service announced it would cut back regular mail pick-up and delivery to Monday through Friday only - starting August 1.

Officials cite mounting debt and the cost of retirement benefits for postal workers.

Protesters admit there is a financial crisis in the postal system, but say it can be fixed through legislation.  Workers say taking away six-day service will hurt senior citizens and small businesses.

"People need medicine, people need documents, people need equipment and that's what the postal service does and they need to do it six days a week.  Taking a day away will only throw the postal service into a final death spin," said Tom Gavin.

The protest in our area was just one of many held around the country.  Congress is also considering a move to try to keep mail deliveries on Saturdays.