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Messy Weather On The Last Day Of Winter

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MOUNT POCONO -- Snow, freezing rain, sleet:  it's been one problem after another in many parts of our area, and all of this when we're supposed to be heading into spring.

It's been a messy morning for drivers again, a morning that saw one type of precipitation on top of another.

It was layer after layer of problems in Mount Pocono. A few inches of snow fell overnight followed by freezing rain. A man who worked overnight found his car entombed in ice.

It was not your average snow storm.

"Bad traction, it's very slippery right now out there. You can't get a good bite on it right now," said plow driver Tom Papp of Long Pond.

Papp said the ice on top of the snow really did present a challenge.

PennDOT plow and salt trucks made pass after pass on Route 940, first getting rid of the snow, then laying down salt to melt the ice.

This was one of those storms where snow removal was only part of the battle. Crews had a lot more to do after the snow came up.

It was the same story in parking lots: snow scraped away, then a coating of salt.

Jason Greene had quite a bit to deal with getting rid of snow from a shopping center sidewalk canopy.

"Keep the snow off the roof so if the weather warms up, nothing will slide down and hit people in the head."

Greene was also the guy who had to remove the snow after it came down from the canopy.

After the sun came up, a layer of sleet came down over the snow and ice. The pellets were pinging off the parking lot near Route 611.

If you want to get rid of the mess, you might be out of luck.

"As far as merchandise like salt and stuff, we're pretty much sold out. We did have some but we sold out this morning. I still have shovels, snow blowers," said Lowe's manager Glenn Woerner.

Outside the store, there are picnic tables, lawn mowers and gas grills, all covered with snow and all waiting for spring time.