Philadelphia Flower Show 2013: A Bit of British History

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Celebrate the Brit's beloved game of cricket at The Downend Cricket Club.  "The Scorer’s Garden” created by J. Downend Landscaping is a colorful and vibrant oasis framing a weathered structure that has been transformed into the Cricket scorer’s personal potting shed, where she tends her garden between matches. The beauty of the garden directs all spectators to the scoreboard, the focal point of the design.

In the early 1800s, collectors risked their lives to locate never-before-seen orchids and other plant species in the New World. In Waldor Orchids exhibit "Destination London," exotic foliage and large trees laden with orchids, ferns, and bromeliads sweep over the Amazon River. These plants were collected, crated and destined for wealthy estates in England.

Shaffer Designs of Philadelphia's exhibit "Jack", takes us back to 1888 and the distorted, dark streets, the cold, factory-driven silhouettes of London's East End, the back-alleys where illicit activities were the norm, and Jack the Ripper roamed.