Flames Restart, Damage More Sunbury Homes

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SUNBURY -- Just one day after a man died in a fire in Sunbury, crews were called back to the same house for another fire.

The latest fire destroyed a house next door and the fire chief calls the second fire even more intense than the first one.

Fire crews in Sunbury were called to the house on Penn Street for the second night in a row.

Just one day after an electrical fire killed Keith Bornder, 53, the house burned again.  This time, the flames destroyed the house next door.

Ken Long's mother lives on Penn Street.  He rushed to help her.

"The flames, when I came from my house in Norry, all I could see was the flames.  Thinking the worst.  Thank God nobody was hurt," said Long.

State police fire marshals and a K-9 unit were at the house trying to figure out what caused the fire to rekindle.  Investigators say it does not look suspicious.

"It could have been something hiding, we just don't know," said Sunbury Fire Chief Mike Rhoads.  "I know my fire crews do a heck of a job and do the best they can for what they do.  But there's always that chance there's something we missed."

The chief believes the fire re-kindled at the building and then quickly spread next door.  The wind was blowing that way so several houses had to be evacuated, forcing about one dozen families out of their homes.

The chief calls the second fire more intense than the first one, spreading to seven buildings.  One of those houses will be torn down, along with the house where the fire started.

Josie Crebs set up a fund for the couple whose home was destroyed by the second fire.

"They lost everything except what they could carry out on their backs.  A few photo albums, but that's basically it," said Crebs.

If you would like to donate, the fund is at Swineford National Bank in Sunbury under "Chris and Lori Berry".