Bullying Investigation in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Police in Sunbury plan to charge at least four teenagers with assault.

Investigators said the teens beat up a 16 year old, taped the attack and posted it on Facebook.

Sunbury Police said some teenagers are scared to go to school because of the attacks. Police believe social media sites like Facebook play a big role because teens are taping the fights, and posting them for the world to see.

This video shows two teenagers fighting in Sunbury. It was recorded by another teenager in February and posted to Facebook.

"And it seems like there was this mob mentality forming and everybody was jumping on this bandwagon to bully this kid and watch him get beat up," Corporal Jamie Quinn said.

Corporal Jamie Quinn of the Sunbury Police Department is investigating several cases of bullying. She said teens are encouraging other teenagers to make these violent videos and show them off on Facebook.

"When they're talking about a date and time when they're going to go get him and how they're going to lure him to fight, and other kids are saying make sure you record it," Quinn said.

Teenagers at Shikellamy High School said the videos are the hot topic at school.

"People are saying they don't really care because they're doing it for a good cause. What do you mean by good cause? There's a reason to do it," said a student who did not wish to give her name.

That student said the "good cause" is beating up teens who gang up on disabled students.

"It's kind of pointless because these kids are 13-14. They don't even know why they're doing it, and they don't understand what fighting is for," Shaquan Noll said.

Corporal Quinn said parents with children under the age of 18 should always know their kid's passwords to every online account, so they can log in at any time and know what their kids are doing.

"If they knew what was going on with their kids, I think they would be shocked," Quinn said.

Police said there was also a fight recorded inside Shikellamy High School's cafeteria that was also posted on Facebook.

"We're cooperating with them and we support them. If they want to issue a citation for that, then we support them," Superintendent Patrick Kelley said.

Sunbury Police plan to charge at least four teenagers with assault. If you see any assault videos posted to Facebook or other social media sites, you are asked to save them and send them to police.