Peckville Residents React To Mellow Charges

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---Former state Senator Robert Mellow is once again facing corruption charges.

Right now, Mellow is serving a 16 month sentence in federal prison for charges he filed a false tax return and had staffers do political work for him.

Along with others connected with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Mellow is charged with taking cash, gifts and other kick backs in return for contract work with the state turnpike.

That announcement came from the state attorney general Wednesday.

Robert Mellow was born and raisd in Lackawanna County.

He had his office in Peckville and his name is still at the recreation complex there.

Some in the area told Newswatch 16 Mellow did good for the area. Others said he may have done good, but he was and is a crook.

They are not surprised he is once again in trouble.

"You know everyone is struggling to make endsmeet and then you have something like that, someone who is supposed to be helping you stuffing his pockets," said Alita Mahalidge of Peckville.

Mahalidge and Chuck Morris' Peckville home is a stone's throw from Mellow Park, as it is called.

They said the latest corruption charges he is facing make it clear, the park's name must be changed.

"People say that he did good for this area, he might have done good, but he got paid for it and i want them to get rid of that park with his name on it.  I want his name to come down, but I really don't like him as a person. He really did us bad," said Chuck Morris.

"Honestly I hope they pursue it and when he gets out of jail, he finds another room right back in jail," said Mahalidge.