Head Start Drenched By Broken Pipe

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- More than 100 students who attend Monroe County's Head Start will not be returning to school for at least a week. A broken pipe flooded the school in East Stroudsburg.

It was a busy day inside the Monroe County Head Start as crews vacuumed the drenched hallways.

"Almost the entire building had a couple of inches of water in it, by the time I got here," said Tim Lee of the Monroe County Head Start.

Cell phone video showed what it looked like when the burst water pipe was discovered around 5:30 a.m.

Other video shows the teacher walking through the hallways of the school filled with inches of water.

A rusted-out plug apparently fell out from a pipe sending water spraying everywhere inside the mechanical room.

The facilities supervisor gave us a closer look at the area which also happens to be his office located directly underneath the burst pipe.

"It was mostly shocking and disappointed. I feel bad mostly for the children who aren't going to be serviced by us for the entire week just for cleaning it up and getting the place restored," said Shane Williams.

As for the 120 students who attend Head Start classes in East Stroudsburg, some will be in a temporary setting until everything is cleaned up.

"They will either be at home or they will be in another child care center somewhere receiving care there today," said Lee.

Officials believe the clean-up could take up to two weeks.