No Party Like a Scranton Party

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SCRANTON -- When the city of Scranton throws a party for some 100,000 people expected for Saturday's parade, you can just imagine how busy businesses were the day before preparing for the event!

The owners of Farley's closed the bar last year, but they decided to open for one day to cater to all the people at the parade.

"It's kind of a little payback for all the people who have been with us for the last 26 years, all the calls that we've had, and the phone's been ringing off the hook this morning, 'for sure are you going to be there?' and we said we're going to be here and they said 'we'll be there too,'" said Bill Young of Farley's.

At Goodfellas near the University of Scranton, bartenders said by the time they get their last shipment of beer the cases will be up to the ceiling, and that won't even get them through parade day.