Truck Wheels Stolen in Union County

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State police in Central Pennsylvania are investigating a case of stolen tires, but not just any tires. Investigators said someone jacked up two tractor trailers at a business in Union County and stole 12 expensive truck wheels.

State police said the tires and wheels were valued at $1,115 each, that is $13,380 worth of stolen parts. The staff at Susquehanna Motors near Lewisburg believes the thieves were professionals.

There are more than 100 tractor trailers on the lot at Susquehanna Motors, on Route 15 near Lewisburg. Earlier in the week, employees noticed something missing from two of the vehicles.

"Basically Monday morning by 6:30 we came in and noticed the trucks were on blocks," said John Renno, the Service Manager.

State police said sometime between last Saturday and Monday someone jacked up two tractor trailers at the business in Union County stole the wheels and tires and left the vehicles on blocks. Susquehanna Motors Service Manager John Renno said the wheels were valued at $13,380.

"The tires that they took were a very desirable rim and tire size and tread pattern. Very easy to sell I would assume," said Renno.

Renno believes whoever took the wheels knew what they were doing. The theft required heavy lifting and special tools.

"The tire and rim are probably 150-200 pounds. Each one is held on by ten lug-nuts that are 450-550 pounds," said Renno.

Employees said something similar happened there about three years ago and after that theft, they put in additional street lights at the facility.

"They did it basically within 50 feet of a streetlight, and they were here and gone and no one noticed anything," said Renno.

Renno said Susquehanna Motors is considering putting a fence around its property.

"It really doesn't take much to cut a slice in a fence and roll a tire through it. Other than a fortress around our property, what do you do?" asked Renno.

The two tractor trailers that had the wheels stolen are owned by a company in York. Employees at Susquehanna Motors said insurance will cover the theft, but if you have any information you are asked to call state police.