Future Stronger for Pocono Mt Regional Police

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A police department in the Poconos is relieved one of two municipalities that wanted to leave the force changed its mind.

The Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief said that Coolbaugh Township is staying all eyes are on Mount Pocono.

The men and women of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department are relieved after Coolbaugh Township decided to take back their letter to withdraw from the force and instead, stay for another year.

"With this recommitment to us, it puts their mind at ease so we can go back to do what we do really well, going out there fighting crime and helping people," said Chief Harry Lewis.

On Tuesday, at the Coolbaugh Township Municipal Building, township officials decided to rescind their letter to withdraw from the department. Officials said the reason is it would cost too much money for the township to leave Pocono Mountain Regional and form their own police force.

Now, the Pocono Mountain Regional Police force is waiting to see what Mount Pocono does.

The borough also submitted a letter to withdraw from regional coverage after Coolbaugh did back in December.

Their reason is council member said Pocono Mountain Regional costs too much.

The borough, along with the three other municipalities, fund the $37 officer department.

"I hope their going to follow suit, to make us whole again," said Chief Lewis.

But if Mount Pocono leaves, state police would cover the area.

That's something one resident doesn't favor.

"I think Mount Pocono should stay because I lived in East Stroudsburg and it took the state police way too long to respond. The Pocono Mountain Regional Police are closer, and I think the response time would be better," said Mary Mosbach of Mount Pocono.

"The taxpayers might not like it, but I'd rather pay a little more taxes and have the coverage than not have any coverage when you really need it," said Andy Garcia of Mount Pocono.

"If municipalities leave that would actually cause layoffs in our department and that's a lot of stress on the departments and their families," said Chief Lewis.

Mount Pocono Borough officials did not get back to us for comment.