Neighbors Remember Fire Victim

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- A deadly fire took the life of a man from Lackawanna County early Monday and now neighbors are remembering their friend.

Neighbors said they watched flames quickly tear through Alan Hoyt's home near Champman Lake.

A charred frame of a home is all that's left along Rushbrook in Scott Township.

State police say the fire took the life of Alan Hoyt, 59.

Tom Warholic lives right across the road from Hoyt and spotted the fire before dawn and immediately called 911.

"I look over and I see there’s flames, I mean, I said ‘wowee,’ and I called to my wife and I said ‘Toni, Alan’s house is on fire.’"

People who live along the road are remembering Hoyt as a good friend and musician.

"Alan was extremely talented. He was a good musician, a carpenter, electrical work he could do, a lot of stuff, a lot of things,” Warholic recalled.

"I’ve always known Alan as being very talented musically and very intelligent,” said Toni Warholic.

Kevin Cleary shared Hoyt's passion for music and often would listen to him play.

"Plays a lot of Eagles tunes, a lot of the older tunes. More often than not, he’d crank up his amp and I’d hear him inside my house,” said Cleary.lacka fatal fire chapman lake

Rubble is all that’s left of Hoyt’s home.  Many neighbors say his beloved guitars and music equipment were also lost in this deadly fire.

"Amplifiers, some guitars and stuff, I imagine they’re all ruined by now, with the fire and all,” said Tom Warholic.

Investigators are still looking into what sparked the deadly fire, but neighbors say no matter what the cause, they're going to miss their friend.

"When you know somebody and that happens to them, it hits home, very hard to accept,” said Cleary.

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