Snook Charged With Murder In Snyder County

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MIDDLEBURG -- A man from Sunbury was charged Monday with the murder of his grandmother and police now say Joshua Snook's nine-year-old son was inside the house in Snyder County at the time of the crime.

Joshua Snook faces a long list of charges, including criminal homicide, for the death of his grandmother.

Snook was locked up on a parole violation the day of the homicide and had only been called a "person of interest" until now.

He was arraigned on 20 charges including criminal homicide at a magistrate's office in Middleburg.

According to court papers, Snook and his wife Jennifer went to his grandparents' house in Beaver Township in the early morning of February 17. Authorities say he wanted to get a gun to kill a man that he had fought with hours earlier at a bar in Northumberland.

"He left there with Jennifer Snook and they devised a plan to get a handgun and go back and kill that man,” said Snyder County D.A. Michael Piecuch.

Investigators believe Snook used a knife to break into his grandparent's gun cabinet, which was underneath their bed and stabbed both of his grandparents.

Bonnie Snook, 71, died.

"He sliced his grandfather in the arm.  He sliced his grandmother's neck and that was the cause of death, she bled to death,” said Piecuch.

Police say Snook's nine-year-old son was inside the house at the time of the murder.

The Snyder County district attorney would not say if the child saw anything.

Joshua's wife Jennifer was arraigned last month on similar charges for her alleged role in Bonnie Snook's death.

"There was blood all over that house and it went on for a period of time.  It was not a momentary thing.  Snook was in the house for at least 30 to 45 minutes,” said Piecuch.

Joshua Snook is locked up in the Snyder County Prison without bail. Snook could face the death penalty but the Snyder County district attorney says no decision has been made.

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