Crafts Of Cardboard Cruise Down Slopes

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JACK FROST MOUNTAIN -- It was a wild ride down the mountain at a ski resort in the Poconos Friday, not on skis or snowboards, but massive cardboard contraptions.

It was time again for the annual Cardboard Classic at Jack Frost Mountain in Carbon County and thousands showed up to see if the big sleds could make it down the slopes.

It is a wintertime spectacle in the Poconos.  Where else are you going to see the set of the Price is Right become a sled, sailing down the mountain?

Everything is made only of cardboard, tape, string and glue.

Thousands come to the Cardboard Classic to see success and failure from these cardboard contraptions.

“What's the trick? Just do it!  There's no trick.”

For some, there's no strategy and there's clearly no dress code.

"This is for America.  Our forefathers died so we could do this."

It is certainly not a reverent ride.  Some of the floats can certainly raise some eyebrows.

There was a hypodermic needle for the “Tour de Lance.”

“Let's Get Tanked" tells the tale of what is clearly some alcohol-induced fun.

Philadelphia radio station WMMR hosts this wild parade of paper products.

"We love it.  It's great we had Optimus Prime, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Buzz Lightyear.  That's what we do, man."

This year those regulars created a towering Flyers player who sailed past the finish line.  They do have strategy and success.

"We've been doing it a long time, man. We've got some trade secrets we don't want to tell."

After all the weeks of work putting together the cardboard sleds, they then get ripped apart and put in a trash truck.  But those who built them say it's worth it to try and make it down the mountain.

A boat from the TV show Baywatch was certainly up to the task.

“Three months of long, hard drinking and working on the boat and now you have to make it down the hill!”

Our photographer hopped aboard for their trip.

Whether you want to call them crazy or creative, all on board certainly seem to enjoy the ride.

Of course, they enjoy it a little more if their sled sticks together and survives.

There are prizes for best design and fastest sled but it was pretty clear that this is mostly just for fun.