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Chief: Police Vehicle Window Shot

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HAZLETON  -- Police were called out again Wednesday and had a property surrounded after reports that shots were fired.

The back window of a police car was shattered and the officer was in the car.

The incident in Hazleton is one that police are still trying to piece together, but the police chief believes someone shot out that back window of the police car.

It was a police radio transmission that said 'shots fired, officer needs assistance' that brought several law enforcement agencies, including state police to 4th and Alter Streets in Hazleton.

Pictures from the Hazleton Standard Speaker show officers searching the area.

Hazleton police Chief Frank DeAndrea says a city police detective was sitting in an unmarked police car when his rear window exploded.

"I'm comfortable at this point that it was shot with something. We're just not sure what kind of caliber, if it was perhaps even a bb from a passing motorist, but we're confident it was shot with something.”

Chief DeAndrea says officials made sure people in the area stayed indoors while they searched vacant buildings.   Officers found no bullets, weapons, shell casings, or suspects, but the chief believes the window was shot because broken glass was pushed inside the car. Now, the police are searching the car for evidence.

The police department has been the target of vandalism recently.

"In the last two weeks, we've had marked police cars with their windshields and windows smashed out in the parking lot of city hall."

He says a possible shooting at an occupied police car hasn't happened in Hazleton in at least 15 or 20 years.

Chief DeAndrea says he strongly believes this was an isolated incident and is not related to the other two shootings that happened earlier this week in the city.