Teen Hit While Riding Scooter Released From Hospital

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NANTICOKE – Authorities in Luzerne County are trying to enhance grainy surveillance video of a car suspected of hitting a teenager on a scooter and driving away from the scene on Friday night.

Anthony Molino showed Newswatch 16 the road rash on his side, bruises on his feet and leg, as well as the staples and stiches on his head as he recovered from his injuries at his family’s home in Nanticoke on Monday afternoon.

Molino said he doesn’t clearly remember what happened when he was hit from behind when returning from his girlfriend’s house, in time to make his mother’s curfew.

"I hope they at least turn themselves in. Like c'mon. You hit a kid. That's going to be with you for the rest of your life,” said Molino. “If you don't turn yourself in, the guilt is going to come back on you, and you're going to be sitting on the couch thinking to yourself, ‘Oh my God. I hit a kid.’"

Molino said he has a mild concussion and can’t return to class at Greater Nanticoke Area High School until he is cleared by doctors.

Laurie Davis said she’s grateful that her son’s injuries weren’t worse and she’s hopeful that the case won’t get lost in the shuffle with other open hit-and-run cases in Luzerne County.

“He’s lucky, very lucky,” said Davis. "People watch on the news, these horrible things. It makes you think about it for that second. Think about living with it. This was my son. I get a call at ten o'clock at night, telling me my son has been hit by a car. Think about if it were your family member. Wouldn't you want answers?"

Davis says her son was able to call and text-message her at the scene of the crash, but was unable to tell her where he was at.

Molino said one of his teachers was driving in the area and stopped to help.

Bob Raineri said Nanticoke Police took surveillance video from cameras on the outside of Bob’s Auto Center and are hoping that state police can help enhance the grainy footage.

"We sat down, looked at all the cameras and they got some visual on the vehicle going through the intersection,” said Raineri. “
Naticoke Police said the car involved in the hit-and-run is a dark, older model sedan, and that it likely has damage to the front passenger’s side with a broken headlight or marker light.

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run on Friday night is asked to call Nanticoke Police at (570) 735-2200.