Parking Crackdown in Tunkhannock

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Parking has become a bit of a problem throughout Tunkhannock. Parking tickets littered car windshields as police began to crack down on an old ordinance.

Eileen Barziloski's runs a candy shop downtown, but the two $47 parking tickets she found on her vehicles outside her home, were anything but sweet.

"We`ve parked there for 19 years, never ever had any problems with the way that we parked, we were never aware that that was a new thing that was going to be enforced," said Barziloski.

Barziloski isn't alone, many of her neighbors along Putnam Street also found parking slips on their cars as well, accounting for many of the 22 parking tickets.

along business Route 6, the two hour parking limits are also being watched more closely, something some frequent visitors just don't understand.

"I just think it was kind of strange that you would want to discourage people from coming into the town and giving everybody some business," said David Cook of Tunkhannock.

Tunkhannock Borough Police said, "Citing concerns from local business owners, the Tunkhannock Borough Police have been instructed to conduct systematic parking regulation enforcement through the entire borough.

Stricter enforcement of the parking regulations will be happening in the Tunkhannock Borough from now on, and many said it might even help downtown business.

"It`s either a tenant, or somebody who owns the shop, and they pull up in the front, they stay there all day, and it`s just not right," said Carl Pendos, a building owner.

Pendos said discouraging workers and tenants from prime parking, will encourage more people to stop by and shop as they drive on through.

As for those facing warnings and fines, they just wish they'd been given more notice.

"I don`t disagree with it, I don`t think it`s a horrible thing to do, I just think that it was unfortunate the way that it was carried out," said Barziloski.

Several fines were miscalculated yesterday and have been reduced to warnings for some of these first time parking offenders. Anyone else illegally parking in Tunkhannock can expect a $15 fine for violating the rules.